Best/worst looks of the 89th edition of the Academy Awards


Three Surmesurians and experienced Style Consultants, Casey, Irene and Deven, reviewed the looks that either graced or disgraced the red carpet at last Sunday’s 89th Academy Awards. Here is the best and the worst of what they saw.


From Casey C. - Style Consultant, Surmesur Pittsburgh


"Chris Evans! This tux! That shade of blue in a Ferragamo suit looks stunning on him. Even though the shoulders of the jacket seem a little tight over his hulking muscles, the color, the black satin shawl lapel and everything else make up for it. It’s a very nice, bright contrast to the black tuxes a lot of A-list guys opted for." 


"Ryan Gosling! This man was a letdown. I’m sorry, but Ryan, leave that shirt in the ’70s. I can see what he was going for, and quite frankly, I don’t care who designed it either. It has ruffles. Leave it in the past. A sleek tux shirt with minimal buttons (to brighten up the black) and a neat, light pocket square would have been enough."


From Irene W. - Style Consultant, Surmesur Chicago


"Jerry O’Connell! I adore this jacket. A beautiful burgundy with a subtle brown satin. Looks amazing on him. I like how he put satin on the upper pocket. Not standard for tuxes, but I really like it! The lapel is not too skinny and his pants are a perfect length. Love this look!"


"Vince Vaughn! Yikes. Just … yikes. It looked like he got a rent-a-tux. He went with two buttons instead of one, resulting in the dreaded X across the front, and the jacket is too short. The lapel is too skinny for his shoulder width. The pants are WAY too long and are bunching at the bottom. The jacket sleeves are too short and the shirt cuffs are way too long. Just not a good look."


From Deven Y. - Measurement Specialist, Surmesur Montreal


"Tom Ford at the Oscar Vanity Fair Party! Unlike most men who decided to play it safe with their fashion choices by wearing a classic tuxedo, Tom Ford graced the night by wearing an elegant and distinguished black velvet dinner jacket – presumably of his own design. Pairing this sophisticated look with an ivory flower and a classic white silk handkerchief, the multi-talented fashion designer displayed why he is the best in the business."


"James Corden! The red lapel ... That’s cute, James."

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