Why? You can do better than Moores.

By: Surmesur

Askmen, October 1st 2013. 

Even in today’s business-casual world, where in many fields you can get away with wearing jeans to work, you need to own a decent suit. And not just because your decade-old Levi’s aren’t the sleek slacks they once were, either. But buying the right suit isn’t always easy. Depending where you shop, you risk leaving with a baggy, grandfatherly number or an ensemble so unapologetically current (read: trendy) that it will look out of date by next month. As its name suggests, Boutique Surmesur, a Quebec City store that recently opened a Montreal location, offers men’s clothing tailored to you. And if you’re fretting over which belt and tie to wear with your new duds, this shop will set you up with the requisite accessories, too.

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