Tennis Off the Tape #2: Fashion Edition

By: Surmesur

Indecent Xposure, 24 octobre 2012. By Filip Peliwo



As a tennis player, I don't get to dress up a lot.  In fact, the last time I wore anything formal was after winning the Wimbledon junior tournament this summer.  The winners (men and female, junior and senior) were invited to a dinner held at the All England Club.  We all had to dress formally, so the Club lent me a tuxedo from their massive wardrobe (there's pretty much something in every size there).  To the left is a picture of me with Roger Federer, who won the men's title this year.  Let's just say tennis is his thing.


Anyway, because I really don't own anything fancy, over the weekend I went over to a men's fashion store to get fitted for a suit.  Here's my trip, in pictures.

I showed up right after practice.  Luckily I've had time to shower.

At first the selection was overwhelming.  There were hundreds of choices to pick from, and all of them looked nice.

Feeling a bit lost, I sought advice from owner Vincent, who is obviously a lot more fashion-conscious than I am!

I wanted something that has a little flair to it, so we ended up deciding on a dark navy fabric for the jacket and pants, and a plaid pattern for the dress shirt.  On the inside of the jacket, Vincent suggested that I try out this really funky-looking orange print, to add a splash of color.

After choosing the cut and the detailing of my suit, it was time for the fitting.  In addition to the old-fashioned tape measure, Vincent also used this really cool scanner which takes your exact measurements; I had never seen that in a clothing store before.

Before leaving, I made sure to sign a few pieces of memorabilia for the store.

The custom-tailored suit usually takes two to three weeks to get here, so unfortunately I won't have a chance to try it on for real before coming back from tournaments in Mexico in the beginning of December.  I'm definitely excited to see how it turns out, and will share my new look with you in a few short weeks!

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