Surmesur men's clothing store a hip new addition to Ottawa

By: Surmesur

Paula McCooey, Ottawa Citizen -  When a woman shops for a wedding dress she is often fussed over by a boutique seamstress and her bridal party, so it’s only fitting the groom receives the same star treatment. Ottawa’s newest men’s shop, Surmesur, ( has every angle covered — and measured — for a customer’s big day.

The store customizes high-quality shirts and suits for off-the-rack prices and will be showcased at the Best Day Ever Show Gala ( Dozens of wedding vendors will work together tocreate two simultaneous mock weddings in different trending styles, one glam and the other rustic. Surmesur will dress the groomsmen for the event at The Canadian Museum of Nature on Nov. 15.

Surmesur, a modern, hip space at 151 Slater St., is the fourth retail outlet to open since the company launched in Quebec City four years ago. Fabric swatches and colour boards hang on the walls while the product experts walk customers through the steps of buying a suit that not only appeals to their design esthetic but also fits their body to a T. The fitting rooms are spacious, with large mirrors, and an oversized flat screen at the front of the store displays cutting-edge looks on Pinterest for inspiration.

Customers can choose from a variety of fabrics and 19 suit collections in casual, business or formal styles. Even fine details like the number of the buttons on a jacket, colour of the button-hole thread, style of lapel and hand stitching can be selected. Prices start at $55 for a shirt, $350 for a suit and $450 for a tuxedo. The cost increases depending on the fabric and extent of the detailing. They also sell accessories such as ties, socks, and cufflinks.

Once the customer chooses the fabrics and style in his computer profile, body measurements are taken with a 3-D scanner and by hand with a tape measure. When the suit is ready, the customer returns in five weeks to have a tailor fine-tune the fit.

Development manager Olivier Thibault says their product experts consider many variables when helping  clients — such as  colour choices that will complement their skin tone, hair colour and eyes; and modifying the suit to create the illusion of a “V-shape” or athletic look, no matter the body type.

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