Wrinkles. Oh, the humanity! Oh, the horror!


I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “I want a shirt that doesn’t wrinkle,” as if a lack of creases were the most crucial characteristic of a shirt, as if life itself depended on a wrinkle-free guarantee. Gentlemen, I have news for you: there’s no such thing as a wrinkle-free shirt!

A brief history of wrinkles       

Believe it or not, creased clothing has traditionally been associated with the upper classes, for the simple reason that good-quality, natural materials are more likely to wrinkle. Besides, the noblemen of yore had servants to iron out the details. That’s why, to this day, linen still evokes images of la dolce vita

1. Comfy?

For me, comfort is key. My obsession with wrinkles disappeared the first time I put on a good cotton shirt: pure pleasure against the skin. Your long days at work shouldn’t be made to feel longer because you’ve draped yourself in irritating synthetic fabrics. The best advice I can give you is to go au naturel! From your suits to your shirts and sweaters, natural cloth will give you comfort.


2. 2-ply

Two-ply shirts are your best choice for everyday wear, like Papaverro shirts, our collection of the month for April. Highly resistant and durable, they can be cleaned without fear of being ruined. If your dear mother taught you to iron your shirts, you’ll be happy to know that two-ply fabrics are easier to iron. Don’t force this sometimes tedious task on your better half. Come see me, and I’ll be happy to share my technique. 

3. A final word about wrinkles

  • Cotton shirts offer unequaled comfort, and believe me, no one will care that you have a wrinkle or two at the elbow when it’s 35 degrees in the shade.  
  • Cotton absorbs sweat better than polyester does.
  • High-quality cotton is more durable.    
  • You’re not wearing body armor. Creases come with the territory, so just accept it. Fashion mags like GQ have Photoshop to make wrinkles magically disappear. You don’t.
  • Listen to your Surmesur Style Consultants. They know what they’re talking about in terms of fabric choices.   
  • Make an appointment with me if you want me to show you my ironing technique in just one minute. ;)



Proudly bearded since 2013, Charles Desnoyers is a Style Consultant and Measurement Specialist at Surmesur. Here he shares a few of his favorite things, his experience and his top tips to help you always look your best. [email protected]