Valentine’s Day Surmesur style


Lots of people come into the store at the last minute, hoping to get a shirt or suit for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, I have to tell them they’re too late (it takes 4-6 weeks to get your made-to-measure garments from Surmesur). 

That being said, there is still hope! A custom shirt is not the only gift you can give your man on Valentine’s Day. Instead, come with him to the store to create his custom clothing together. I’ll offer you a cup of coffee with a drop of maple syrup, if that’s your fancy, and we’ll put together the outfit he’s always dreamed of!

1 -Charles_Desnoyers_dalia_Complet_rouge_surmesur

To give you an idea of how to turn the event into a surprise, I once took part in a sort of Valentine’s Day treasure hunt. A woman secretly called the store to tell us how she planned to surprise her better half. We made sure all the Style Consultants were in on it. The man was going to spend an entire day without knowing what the next destination would be: brunch with a friend? A haircut at the latest local barbershop? A massage?

All the while, the woman was waiting for him with flowers at Surmesur! The result was a truly memorable day spent creating made-to-measure clothes – an unforgettable time filled with love and laughter. Fittingly, the gentleman decided to have his girlfriend’s name embroidered on the inside of his suit jacket …


Style advice for Valentine’s Day: Red, the color of love!

  • Casual chic

Gentlemen, for a successful Valentine’s evening, lose the t-shirt and go with a nice white (or cream) shirt, and wear a navy, black or charcoal blazer with your favorite pair of jeans. The key will be in how you accessorize (ideally, a silk pocket square) in red or pink to add a touch of seduction.

2 - Combinaison_st-Valentin-jacket-shirt

  • At the office

For a Valentine-themed look, it’s always in good taste to wear a red tie with a pink shirt. Try them with a pale grey or navy suit.

3 - Combination-st-valentin-jacket-pocket_square


Proudly bearded since 2013, Charles Desnoyers is a Style Consultant and Measurement Specialist at Surmesur. Here he shares a few of his favorite things, his experience and his top tips to help you always look your best. [email protected]