Transition into spring clothing in 4 easy steps


Spring into a fresh new wardrobe 

Winter is tenacious, but the worst is now behind us – or so we hope. In a few weeks, the snow will have melted, and the recent Storm of the Century will be but a bad memory. Now’s the time to stow away your clunky snow boots and start thinking about how to refresh your wardrobe.

Here are a couple of tricks to ease the transition into spring.


1. Shoes

So you bought yourself a beautiful pair of shoes last fall, but they’re a little worse for wear after a long winter of salt and snow (not for you those big rubber boots!). Instead of throwing them out, take them to your local cobbler!
For a few dollars and a dash of magic, this artisan can breathe new life into your weary footwear! While you’re at it, dig out any old shoes that have been languishing in the back of your closet. You’ll be surprised at the miracles a good cobbler can perform!


2. Colors

Spring is synonymous with flowers and renewal, so set aside your grey suit and opt for colors and fabrics that celebrate the season! On that note, our suit collection of the month, Alford, will make you pine for sunnier days. Let your imagination drift to a warmer, happier place with bright blues or lilacs, but also remember that a nice brown suit is always chic and springtime-friendly.
The famous banker’s shirt (white collar and cuffs on a striped shirt) can diversify and up your style game. Try a three-piece windowpane suit and you’ll be sure to garner compliments. Have fun with your wardrobe and create your own garden of good taste!


3. Mix It up

Surmesur is often associated with suits and shirts, but we also make casual pants and chinos!!! Think of a pant that goes with everything, such as beige cotton or corduroy to go with your windowpane jacket. Or a nice, white pant to complement a double-breasted jacket.

And don’t forget your accessories! A pocket square is always in good taste and is an essential element in any well-appointed wardrobe. I especially like floral motifs for both my pocket squares and my ties.

The vest or waistcoat, the third component of your three-piece, can be an entirely different color or motif from the rest of the suit. Again, dressing is about having fun, and Surmesur understands that. Hop aboard, and we’ll help you make the best impression!


4. A few words about spring jackets

Ah, the famous, mythical spring jacket, never very well defined. Forget about the “sporty” jacket, that little windbreaker just doesn’t cut it. Instead, find yourself a long jacket in a nice wool. We have several designs and a variety of woolen fabrics that are sure to please. Ask your Style Consultant to walk you through the Barry and Azurin collections; you’ll come across several fabrics that hit just the right note. Whether burgundies, yellows, reds, checks, stripes or solid colors, a made-to-measure jacket is the ultimate way to make your mark this spring.

Proudly bearded since 2013, Charles Desnoyers is a Style Consultant and Measurement Specialist at Surmesur. Here he shares a few of his favorite things, his experience and his top tips to help you always look your best. [email protected]