The Oxford qualities of the Hampton collection


Hampton is a two-ply 100% cotton collection featuring an 80 thread count per square inch.

Among the dominant elements of the collection is its Oxford cloth, a fabric renowned for its balance of comfort, performance and durability. The result is a shirt that is soft, wicks perspiration and can easily be washed.

Oxford cloth comes in three grades: pinpoint, royal and regular. Pinpoint provides all the performance of a regular Oxford but in a tighter weave with less texture, making it the dressiest option of the three. At the opposite end of the scale, a regular Oxford provides the most comfort with a high level of texture that retains the original charm of the weave. Royal has all the same qualities, but with less density for a slightly more luxurious feel.

The other important element of any Oxford cloth is that the warp thread is always white, which gives the fabric its signature muted color.