The Montreal Alouettes



The Montreal Alouettes

It is not easy to dress well when you are a professional football player!

Off-the-rack trousers are usually way too tight, suit sleeves are too short, jacket shoulders are usually bursting at the seams.

These are some of the sartorial issues that all athletes face.

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We've Got You Covered

But the good news is that these issues are all easily avoidable when you wear custom garments. ;) 




Boris Bede &
Tony Washington

 Boris Bede & Tony Washington from the Montreal Alouettes came by our store to experience it for themselves.

It was a great meeting them at our Montreal store to design beautiful made-to-measure suits in the colors of the Montreal Alouettes !!!







Custom Lining

The guys even had the chance to create their own custom suit lining to add a touch of history to their custom outfits!



Club Colours

Let’s just say, their teammates were a little jealous that they stepped up their (style) game.



Sartorial Touchdown



Série Montréals

Watch the latest episode of the MontreAls series presented by TELUSfr to see the guys creating their own custom clothes with Montreal’s Senior Style Consultants Charles Desnoyers & Deven Ye!


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