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By Order of
The Peaky Blinders

By now most of us have heard of the Netflix sensation Peaky Blinders!

It isn’t often that a show has such a radical impact on the world of men’s fashion, and here at Surmesur we thought it would be fun to help bring some of these iconic looks out of the roaring 20s and straight into your modern-day wardrobe!


The History Behind The Gang

The Peaky Blinders themselves were a 19th-century urban youth-gang from Birmingham, England who derived their name from the practice of stitching razor blades into the peaks of their flat caps that they would then use to blind their victims during fights.

Their unique style of clothing pays homage to their working-class origins by sticking to dark colours, subtle patterns, and heavyweight durable fabrics. You would be hard-pressed to see one of the Shelby brothers in anything short of their classic three-piece suits, club-collared shirts, and heavy overcoats.



The Roaring 1920s

The styles of the 1920s represented an important turning point in the history of menswear. By the end of the decade, most men had transitioned away from the stiff, Victorian styles of their fathers and into a more modern era.

Nearly a hundred years later, the classic styles that emerged from this era are still wearable today and provide a timeless look for modern gents looking to bring some old school class to their wardrobe



The Blinders' Signature Looks

Switch up Your Fabrics

True to the era in which it is based, the colour palettes seen in Peaky Blinders are much more muted than what we are used to today, relying on patterns and textures rather than bright colours to enhance the look of their clothing. Take some peaky pointers and try flexing a pattern or two. Consider Donegal tweeds, glen checks or even houndstooths to create a very eye-catching classic look. 

Consider a Vest

One of the signature looks of the 1920s is the timeless three-piece suit. By adding a vest you not only get the opportunity to show off your pocket watch like Thomas Shelby, but you elevate your look when not wearing your jacket, still making you the best-dressed guy in the room.



The Proper Shirt

The rounded or “club” collared dress shirt is one of the most recognizable styles of the early 20s and is seen throughout the show. Consider choosing one of Shelby’s classic striped club collar shirts. Want something even bolder? Try contrasting your shirt's collar and cuff with a white fabric to really stand out!

Add a Heavy Overcoat

Overcoats make quite the appearance in Peaky Blinders as the primary way to keep the gang warm while walking the cold British streets. Heavy fabrics, wide lapels, and large patch pockets create a classic look that can still be worn by gentlemen today looking for an elegant way to combat the even harsher Canadian winters.

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The Classics Are Classic

Dressing up like the Peaky Blinders is a lot easier than you might think since all the basic elements of the look can be paired with more modern garments for a more wearable look.

Your best bet to recreate the look is to invest in a heavy, vintage tweed suit, a matching waistcoat, and pleated trousers.