Summertime and the styling is easy


With longer and warmer days comes the promise of summer. Even before spring has come and gone, now is the time to start thinking about lighter fabrics, and how and why to choose them.


The cloths you should be looking for include linen (Ferguson Collection), poplin and seersucker, which you’ll find in abundance in our Taylor collection. What I like best about Taylor, aside from the quality-price ratio, is that it contains some of the best fabrics for everything from suits to casualwear, including shorts and chinos, and has something for every contrast level.




What’s more, the Taylor line has recently been enhanced by the addition of seersucker, a washable fabric that is almost synonymous with summer style, easily recognizable by its crinkled lines and casual look.

Of course, cotton and cotton blends are by no means your only options for summer. The Surmesur Select collection has the latest from Holland & Sherry, one of the oldest wool mills in the world. I particularly like the Dragonfly line, which offers a wide variety of unique blends of cloth that are both light and breathable, as well as a multitude of color options. Another favorite is H&S’s Key West, with its 100% crimped cotton.




Since we’re now back to cotton, that’s your go-to fabric for the best summer shirts. Consider switching from standard one-ply to two-ply, which is less transparent, more absorbent, easier to care for, and less prone to wrinkling. You’ll find a wide array of wonderful, pale solids in the Sur, Zaffera and other lines.

 Since summertime typically means vacation time, the Marsi collection has just added a denim two-ply collection for a much more relaxed look.


If linen is your thing – and every man should own at least one linen shirt – look to Kropht for a beautiful selection of fabrics ideal for sport and casual dress shirts and suitable to all contrast levels.


So take a vacation from your heavier suits, jackets and shirts. Summer is on its way, and if you follow these tips, suiting up for the season will be a breeze.



*Fabric availability may vary from store to store.