New Location - Brand New Store in Ottawa

We're extremely excited to announce the opening of our brand new and redesigned store in Ottawa at 320 Queen Street in Place de Ville, following several weeks of renovations and improvements.
We're also proud to be a part of Brookfield’s first round of revitalization efforts to its Place de Ville plaza. With the LRT project scheduled to complete in the near future, we have jumped on board as the first major retailer to move in next to Lyon Station.
“With the imminent completion of the LRT project, we saw the opportunity to move in with it to be right on the doorstep of both the city’s biggest infrastructure project of the decade, and many of our existing clients.” says Vincent Thériault, co-founder.


The new store offers:

  • A convenient new location, next to future Lyon Station, in West Ottawa
  • Clever juxtaposition of rustic decor with modern technology
  • A comfortable lounge to enjoy espresso and scotch
  • Thousands of high-end fabrics to choose from
  • A large selection of fashion accessories for men
  • Variable lighting systems, to view your clothes in different simulated environments
With a sleek design and a more refined selection of fabrics, we are confident that you will be thrilled with our new 2,400 square feet store.
Come visit us to experience the blend of rustic decor and modern technology!