Layer up this fall



Outerwear is a matter of basic survival

Men have always needed a trusty outer garment to wear over suits for extra protection from cold and wet weather!  From trying to keep your suit dry on an evening out with the guys to facing the wind gusts on your way to the parking lot, a good overcoat is indispensable. 
Layer me up




Fabric Knowledge

A few hundred years ago, outerwear commonly took the form of a cape or a mantle, but the overcoat became an increasingly popular alternative during the seventeenth century. The last half of the nineteenth century was a golden age for men’s dressiest overcoats. In today’s fashion, casual comfort and versatility most often trump formality thanks to the technical improvements in modern textiles.



Let the coat do the talking

Because today’s coats are lighter in weight and svelter than ever before, you can now stay warm without sacrificing style. Wool, the oldest high-tech fiber, stays comfortable over a wide range of temperatures. It’s also incredibly light, durable and stays warm when wet. Added bonus, wool tends to dry off quickly. Get inspired by our sophisticated overcoat essentials for the coming season!

Navy Double-breasted Coat
- Azurin Plus - 
Camel Wool/Cashmere Blend Coat
- Azurin Plus -

Grey Ulster Coat
- Azurin Plus - 
Black Wool/Cashmere Blend Coat
- Azurin Plus -

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