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Wool you be Mine

We all have that old wool sweater that itches when you wear it. Fortunately, pure wool suits have a different feel. Wool flannel and cashmere are natural fibers that allows your clothing to feel softer and lighter.
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Fabric Knowledge

Wool has been a massive player in the clothing industry for centuries, it is a central component when creating a suit or a jacket. Wool comes in many types and is appropriate for most situations but there is a prime option for fall - the Flannel! 

Just like many things in menswear, it is unclear where flannel originates from. It has been claimed that it originated in Wales from as early as the 16th century but its history still has to be confirmed. In the past, flannel was much heavier and coarser than it is today as cloth finishes were not as sophisticated.


Fall for Flannel

Such as tweed, flannel is the perfect complement to fall.

This fabric is wonderfully versatile especially as the colder weather approaches. It is ideal for casual wear but also your weekday wardrobe!

Just like sitting in your favourite chair by the fire enjoying a dram of scotch, flannel will keep you comfortable and warm all season long!
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Wonders of Flannel

All over the world, men love this fabric for its softness and its rich mix of colors. Connoisseurs love the flecked effect of their flannel, it creates a slightly less formal touch.


Our Stylists


  Keeping in mind the latest trends and fabric, our Style Consultants suggest you browse the Black Ice Flannel book that offers a luxurious variety of pure Australian wool fabrics. You will be impressed by the excellent drape, the sleek look and the smooth glossy finish of this collection.

For jackets, suits and pants, 100% pure wool flannel is definitely a must!

Dark Green Suit 
- Black Ice Flannel -
Electric Blue Windowpane Jacket
- Wilfred Plus - 

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