Do You Feel The Need For Tweed?


Tweed Jacket


The Need for Tweed

For over a century, tweed has been used for fall and winter clothing, especially sports jackets, waistcoats and trousers. Tweed is very resistant, tight-knit but flexible, soft to the touch fabric.


Tweed Jacket


Discover a Fabric With 

an Amazing Story

Although tweed was originally used by farmers to protect themselves from the cold and wet climate of Scotland and Ireland, it has gradually evolved over the centuries to become a gentleman staple worn regularly by celebrities, just like you! ;)

The attraction of tweed lies in its wonderful colourations derived from nature as it was originally intended for camouflage!

Tweed Jacket


Rustic Refinement

From farmers’ most useful fabric to a gentleman's wardrobe staple! Tweed is now a great everyday option for sophisticated casual wear and sportswear.

A well-cut tweed jacket evokes refined elegance
for the modern man.

Tweed Jacket

Wonder of Tweed

With its distinctive and practical qualities, tweed is an essential for the cold months to come! It brings the perfect warmth for a traditional yet modern look. Wearing tweed will not only keep you warm, but also make sure all eyes are on you!

Tweed Jacket


Our Stylists

Stay warm without compromising elegance, the British way! Take a look at our favourite Holland & Sherry fabric books: Harris Tweed & Sherry Tweed!

Tweed Jacket

Brown Donegal Tweed - Stuart +

Tweed Vest

Tartan Orange/Marine - Stuart +