Bring out your springtime best


Celebrating spring and Easter in style!

As we enter the wonderful change of season we call spring, it’s time to re-think our sartorial splendor. Days are longer, there is generally more sunshine and the odd flower is saying “peekaboo!” so pack away your flannel suits and burly tweeds – use a Surmesur garment bag with moth balls if insects are an issue – and bring out your 120-150s 9- or 10-ounce suits in brighter blue and dove grey. 


Move your bright neckties to the front of your wearing cue, and sort through your shirts for those fabulous voiles and batistes in soft pastel solids, along with the occasional awning stripe.  

Now get dressed! Add a complementary pocket square to your spring outfit and look down. No more dark brown brogues or black cap toes for you; it’s time for cognac double monks or perhaps a spectator shoe. There you have it – you are ready to take on the world in resplendent, elegant fashion!


The New York City Easter parade is the dandy’s chance to flex his silk-covered muscles. No other event, in my opinion, encapsulates such visible change in one’s dress. I have included several pictures to illustrate the event from past and present. May you be inspired!