Boot Camp – Measurement Specialists



Louis-Charles Plante, Regional Director and head of product creation, is also in charge of consultant training. 


He has travelled far and wide to uncover the best measuring techniques to satisfy the exacting standards of Surmesur. The next step: transmitting this expertise to our measurement specialists so that they, in turn, can use it to enhance the client experience. 

The Surmesur experience unfolds in four steps: the selection of fabric, the choosing of options, the taking of measurements and finally, the fitting. Taking measurements is the longest and most meticulous part of the process. Surmesurians know: it all comes down to the measurements. At the fitting, the client discovers his creation and – even if the fit is guaranteed and alterations included – he expects to look in the mirror and see a perfect product.


Measuring requires the advice and eye of an expert with the skills to render the best measurements to fit any body type. Besides training, experience and a critical eye are the measurement specialist’s stock in trade.


These experts are in a mode of continuous improvement, mutually challenging each other and questioning themselves. Thorough analysis, perfect measuring the first time, a minimum of alterations … these are their goals.


Giving them the best tools to succeed was the goal of the recent Boot Camp that brought together measurement specialists from all Surmesur stores. Over the course of three days, these gentlemen (and lady) revisited the steps of creating custom clothing, including alterations, fitting and morphology.


Though mathematical in nature, the taking of measurements remains steeped in time-honoured artistry. Surmesur’s measurement specialists are no less than artists who express themselves through their craft. Their ultimate aim, gentlemen, is to help you create your own sartorial masterpiece.