Blazer vs Sport Coat


Hello, all!

While spring has not entirely sprung for those of us still shoveling our way through April, I felt it was nonetheless a good time to address the opportunity for men who might not be suit wearers to learn how to revel in the splendor of the blazer/sport coat.


After all, warmer temperatures tend to bring with them more casual looks, and nothing says casual cool like this essential element of any man’s wardrobe. Even better, it’s a style that works all year round.

Indeed, this all-season staple is the perfect garment to stretch your style muscles as it looks great in a wide variety of fabrics and with an even wider variety of looks.


You’re probably asking yourself that age-old question every man inevitably asks at some point in his life: what exactly is the difference between a blazer and a sport coat?

For starters, the sport coat is always either highly textured or has a pattern that can be either subtle or bold, while the blazer is always a solid color. The sport coat can be made with mother of pearl buttons or with a high-contrast button to accentuate its sportiness. The blazer should, by definition, be worn with metal buttons to evoke its naval heritage, as well as to differentiate it from an errant suit coat.

When lining these garments, consider the half or quarter lining option as it adds to their airiness. As your Style Consultant the next time you come see us in-store! We suggest that you go with fewer than four cuff buttons too, which is sportier.


Something the blazer and sport coat do have in common is their versatility. Whichever jacket you choose, pair it with everything from jeans to shorts for a casual, highly flattering look.