A walk through our largest shirt collection



Let’s take a walk through the collection of the month for June, Walker. Because this is our largest collection of shirting fabrics, I thought it would be best look at it in four steps.

First, the prints, which are my favourites. I always loved those pictures of the Rolling Stones in the 1960s in their floral shirts. Wearing a shirt in a floral, paisley or bold geometric pattern immediately sets one apart from the herd. However, most men shy away from them, which is a shame. Here are some suggestions for how to wear them. Choose a paisley motif under a solid suit paired with a solid knit tie; try a deco or geometric pattern as an alternative dinner shirt under your tuxedo; or choose a large, vibrant floral pattern in a short-sleeve shirt worn untucked for summer evenings. You get the idea.

Second, checks of all scales and colors. The guide to wearing a checked shirt is all about the size or scale of the check. Then your comfort level. The smaller the check on a white background, the dressier the shirt. The larger the check, the more casual, unless you are a confident dresser; then you can wear any scale as a dress shirt with a solid tie. Or change the collar to white, which instantly indicates the dressiest of shirts. Most men will unleash their inner lumberjack and are drawn to plaid shirts as sportswear. That said, try the same guidelines as the prints and finish the look with a solid knit tie. 

Third, stripes of every possible configuration are to be found in abundance within the Walker collection. Classic patterns include hairline stripes, pencil, Bengal, multi, butcher and awning stripes. As the stripe gets bolder it’s typically more casual. Striped shirts can be made on the horizontal, which will broaden the slight man. Dandies love wearing them that way, regardless of their build. Multi stripes have several colors and allow the wearer to subtly play off a certain color in a pocket square or tie.  

Finally, Walker features wonderful plain weaves and textured solids. We need to wear an array of elegant solid shirts, and the Walker collection offers a plethora of choice. Think bold, highly textured herringbones; rich, luxurious Oxford cloths; elegant broadcloths; visually interesting piqués; diamond weaves; tone-on-tone woven checks; woven stripes in tone-on-tone; and highly intricate dobbies.

It's all there in Walker, the fantastic collection for the month for June.


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