6 wardrobe-related resolutions for 2017!


Although technically a list of New Year’s resolutions, don’t worry about tackling all of these all at once. It might be better to space them out and put them into practice when you feel the need for renewal, like at the start of a new season.


1. Toss it!

They linger at the back of your closet, in the bottom of your drawers, hidden under several layers … Those little-loved items of clothing, perhaps the ones your auntie gives you every year at Christmas, that you know you will never wear. Get rid of them! Donate them to the Salvation Army or your local thrift shop so they can finally be put to use. What’s in it for you? A feeling of relief and renewal. You might even learn more about yourself and what you like – and don’t like – to wear.



2. Stick to the essentials?

A white shirt, a charcoal suit, a light-blue shirt, a navy blazer, a pair of beige khakis … The list is not necessarily a short one, but depending on what you do for work and play, it’s important to stock your closet with certain timeless pieces. Make an appointment in-store and lean on the experience of our Style Consultants to walk you through the essentials. If not, the Internet is more cluttered than your closet with helpful articles like this article from the Gentleman's Gazette.



3. Consider two wardrobes: hot and cold.

The goal is simple: to extend the life of your wardrobe. The investment should be spread out according to the time of year, but once you’ve got the goods, you’re good to go! For the warmer months, think linen and cotton for both suits and shirts. When the thermometer starts to drop, suit up in wools, flannels and tweeds. A tip: Think durability and comfort as the hallmarks of your winter wardrobe.



4. Don’t be afraid!

At Surmesur, we offer a choice of 8,000 fabrics, ranging from classic to just a little different. It can be a little intimidating the first time around, but by the time they place their second order in-store, most gentlemen start to muster the nerve to experiment with colors and contrasts. Yes, you’re allowed to wear more than just navy, black, white and sky blue – even if you work in a conservative environment. Play around with accessories as well! You’ll find plenty of inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest pages.



5. Wear clothing that fits!

For starters, have at least one shirt and one blazer that fit you perfectly. It will boost your confidence, sure, but the right fit also extends the life of your garment while keeping you more comfortable. Simple as that. Surmesur guarantees a perfect fit. Our Measurement Specialists don’t rely on trends to determine the right cut for you. Instead, they rely on your individual body shape, on how you feel in your clothing and how and where you plan to wear it.



6. Socks and boxers with holes in them?

The answer is no. We repeat – NO. My good man, surely you know that it is neither alluring nor appreciated by your more intimate acquaintances, so why must you persist? Learn to darn your socks like a real man, or buy new ones here! Respect yourself and those closest to you, for pity’s sake. Yes, we know you know, but it bears repeating. ;)



If you lack the patience or persistence to apply these resolutions, simply visit your closest Surmesur store, where our Style Consultants will be pleased to point you in the direction of your perfect wardobe for 2017.