6 tips on what to wear to a summer wedding


You’ve received an invitation to your cousin’s wedding in August. You say to yourself, “Well, I have plenty of time to think about,” but when your significant others asks you for the umpteenth time what you plan to wear, you start to doubt your knowledge of wedding etiquette.

Luckily, we have the following six tips to help you choose the ideal outfit, but also to help you get through the wedding with the least number of sartorial faux pas!

1. Sweating is natural, but it’s ugly. Undeniably. 

The sphinx (those hairless cats), acne pimples and socks with holes in them, that are certain things in life that are perfectly natural but not the least bit esthetic, and sweats stains on your shirt are among them. No, we don’t have a miracle solution to stop perspiration; however, this article will help you choose a fabric that breathes, whether for a jacket or a shirt.


There’s a reason linen is the most prized fabric for getting married on the beach. Also think about cotton, fine-woven wools and underrated poplin! 


2. Your shirt is your second tuxedo.

What’s the first thing you want to do once the ceremony is over and the photos have been taken? Take off your jacket. And what’s left under your jacket? Some would say a vest, but for most men, it’s your shirt. After eating, you want to hit the dance floor to channel your inner Beyoncé and practice your moonwalk, right?


Nonetheless, if you’re dressed in a white parachute or shirt that has yellowed with time, you’ll look like a has-been. You don’t want to look like a has-been. For this occasion, invest in a good shirt. Think about the cut, the fit, the color and the pattern.

3. Your shoes are never clean, shiny or elegant enough. 

The color? Black (exclusively) to go with a black or very dark suit or tuxedo, brown for all other suit colors. 

Avoid sneakers unless they’re part of the wedding theme or the location demands it. Otherwise, you will be judged (notably by the bride) as someone who couldn’t be bothered to make an effort. Remember the truism, “Better to be overdressed than underdressed.”


If you own presentable leather shoes in which you feel comfortable, wear them … after first taking them for a good shining. Give them some love to bring them back to life. These little details will make you shine during the all-important event. Finally, if you plan to wear the new shoes you bought specially for this occasion, we recommend that you break them in by wearing them a couple of times to avoid ending the evening with blisters. 

4. Upgrade your style = from fashion victim to fab visionary.

It’s highly likely that you will wear your go-to suit. Charcoal grey or navy blue, it’s the same one you wear regularly to go to work.


The best way to attend a wedding without feeling like you’re on the job? Accessorizing! It’s as simple as that. A great bow tie or a patterned tie, a polka dot pocket square, a lavender tie pin or cufflinks in the form of owls will help make your style more stylish.

5. There’s only one groom, and you are not him. 

Do not wear an orange yellow suit. You're not Charles Desnoyers visiting Florence during Pitti Uomo 90 In fact, don’t wear anything that will draw attention to you and away from the groom. Unless you’re the crooner, or the clown hired to entertain the kids, think ahead to ensure your outfit is well put together … but not too well. ;) 


6. Unless you missed it earlier, sweating is ugly. 

It’s also downright uncomfortable if you have to stay in the same shirt for 12 hours. There’s a way to feel fresher for the latter part of the festivities: pack a second shirt! Yes, it’s an investment if you want to get a duplicate of shirt number one, but you’ll thank yourself for it later. And if it’s a white shirt, tell yourself that you’ll always need a nice white shirt. By the way, click here to buy one! ;)


With these six tips, you should be able to make it through the event with your dignity and comfort intact.