5 ways Surmesur travelled the world at Pitti Uomo 90.


Our Surmesurian duo got plenty of attention during their visit to Fortezza da Basso in Florence. After taking the first day to find their feet, they took Pitti Uomo by storm over the subsequent three days, catching the eye of hundreds of onlookers.

Bearing the Surmesur standard, Charles and Chris succeeded in sending a message to the global menswear community: “We have arrived!”

1 – The infamous photo

This photo of Chris and Charles flanking renowned fashion blogger Kish, taken by Lee Oliveira, showed up on the Instagram account of @nytimesfahion, where it surpassed 10,000 likes and was among the top publications under the #PittiUomo hashtag for an entire day.


2 – Charles and his sunshine suit

On Day 2 of Pitti Uomo, despite scorching temperatures, Charles donned his orange three-piece from the Holland & Sherry collection (read more about our hero’s suit selections here). Did Charles turn any heads in his sunshine suit? Let’s just say that his star shone brightly that day. See for yourself by visiting the sites of Pitti Uomo, W Magazine or the excellent Sharp Magazine.


3 – More than 30 Instagram accounts

Our Surmesurians made the rounds from Instagram account to Instagram account. Photographers like Fabrizio Di Paolo, celebrities like Tufanir and bloggers like The Luxury Trends all took a shine to their stylish looks.


4 – The GQs of the world

Gentlemen’s Quarterly Magazine (that’s GQ to you) has long been a reference for all the world’s fashionistas. Gracing its pages is always a source of pride and a synonym for global recognition in the menswear sphere. Surmesur caught the eye of GQ Australia, GQ Mexico, GQ Germany and GQ Thailand, not bad at all, if we do say so ourselves.


5 – The interplanetary rock star

We painted a portrait of Chris Taylor in this article, and it’s plain to see that the portrait is pleasing to legions of North American fans. His tattoos, his brooding look and his style were the main attraction for a group of Chinese tourists. How do we know? Chris and Charles told us about it, amused and fascinated as they were to be the subject of a barrage of smartphone photos.


Oh, we almost forgot to tell you! Our own Instagram account is all Pitti Uomo all the time at the moment, so if you’re looking for inspiration, click here. ;)