5 Fashion faux pas on the Cannes red carpet!


Looking for inspiration on Vogue, I couldn’t help but point out some of the more glaring style mistakes that could have been avoided at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

The following are five examples of how a man should not dress for the red carpet, and, in the same way that money can’t buy happiness, proof that celebrity doesn’t always mean style:

1 – He cut himself short!

Mexican actor Diego Luna demonstrates the importance of jacket length. Even the black-on-black look can’t disguise the lack of proportion. He doesn’t seem to mind, because he probably doesn’t know.


2 – The Hobbit wants his tux back!

Joel Edgerton nailed a great summer look, and he certainly has the physique to wear form-fitting clothing, but here he clearly has too much form to fit. A rule to remember: if your jacket forms an X at the button, it’s not because you’re an X-Man. It’s because the thing’s too darned tight!

3 – Bruce Banner in Hulk clothing!

At first glance, it appears Jesse Eisenberg put in the just enough effort to say he’s wearing a tuxedo, but on the second take, we see that it’s way too big for him. Front button too low, sleeves too long, collar too big. A last-minute rental?


4 – Now that’s just lazy!

Jim Jarmusch is the perfect embodiment of inner beauty. It’s the outside that needs attention here. Regardless of age or body type, a made-to-measure suit should flatter the man who wears it. This is clearly not made-to-measure. Head-to-toe black, no accessories, a couch-potato-cut jacket … He clearly dressed for comfort, no style. But on the red carpet? For the whole world to see? Really?


5 – It’s a pyjama party!

Louis Garrel … OK, so the photo doesn’t do him justice, and yes, Marion Cotillard is ravishing as usual. But no, this doesn’t work. The color of the shoes, the baggy pants, the tie that is both too narrow and too short … Good enough for a carpet, sure, but not a red one.

Looking for real inspiration? Chris Pine and Matt Bomer, both opting for a summer-friendly style, are among those who got it right at Cannes.

(source vogue.fr)