What does being a Surmesur Ambassador really mean?


Thanks to the innovation of the Surmesur experience, the company’s reputation continues to grow via word of mouth. We also owe our popularity to the satisfied clients who talk to their networks about their shirts, suits or just the attachment they have to a certain Style Consultant. These clients are our Surmesur Ambassadors. 

What is a Surmesur Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors are public figures who perform in the fields of sport, business, entertainment or media. On a free and voluntary basis, they help promote and spread the word about Surmesur. They talk about us not only because they like our products, but because they share our philosophy and values. At Surmesur, every client, like every garment, is unique. We create looks that fit our Ambassadors, no matter what their personal style.


Why them?

We thought of them because we like their image, their style and, above all, what they project. They are dynamic and ambitious, and they match the image Surmesur wants to inspire. In addition to being good communicators, they have accomplished a lot and made a name for themselves, and we admire that. 

Who else is a Surmesur Ambassador?

Among our current Surmesur Ambassadors are athletes like Patrick Côté, Laurent Duvernais-Tardif and Eric Martel Bahoeli, public figures like Gino Chouinard, Patrice Plante and Dave Morissette, and entertainers like Éric Lapointe, The Lost Fingers and Radio Radio. 


And this family continues to grow, much to our great delight.