The Marriage of Denis Fortin


Thank you for placing your confidence in Surmesur by choosing us to play a part in the most important day of your life.

Thank you for using the words “extraordinary service” to describe your adventure with the Surmesurians at our Montreal store. The Surmesur teams in each of our stores do their utmost to create the best client experience, which includes offering their expert advice, whether you need a suit for an event or simply plan to wear it day-to-day. Once again, thanks for pointing it out.

Thank you for calling us “professionals to the rescue” during what can otherwise be a stressful time. We know you didn’t hire a wedding organizer and, as you said yourself, the mantra leading up to any wedding should be “no stress, no nerves.” Your bride will thank us.



Thank you for choosing to stay in Quebec to take advantage of our expertise – and of the snow that was perhaps your best ally on your wedding day. Not only did you get to hit the slopes after tying the knot, but Andréanne Gauthier got to take some amazing photos.



Finally, thank you for being an excellent spokesman for Surmesur. Rest assured that we will always offer you the excellent service you’ve come to expect from us.


- The Surmesur Team