Surmesur Winter Party 2016


Surmesur Winter Party 2016

Every year, Surmesur gathers all of its employees for two days of festive winter fun.

 Team Quebec

Team Montreal

Team Toronto

What better way for Surmesurians to get to know each other and share their passion for menswear – not to mention receiving a well-deserved pat on the back for all of your dedication and hard work?

 Pej, skating for the first time

This year’s annual celebration unfolded at the prestigious Château Montebello, an ideal venue for our league of modern gentlemen – and ladies – to descend from all corners of the Surmesur universe.


The festivities began with the creation of teams for the ensuing team-building games and culminated with a gala evening where various personalities got their chance to shine and we learned what the future has in store for Surmesur.

Haseeb, branch manager and Peter, MVP Surmesur Ottawa.

The take-that-cookie-to-your-mouth-without-touching-it-with-your-hands contest.

Mat (Ottawa store), Peter (Ottawa store) and Olivier (Laval store)


Many thanks to our awesome organizers, Camille and Catherine!