Pitti Uomo 2017 - Day 3


On the third and last day of Pitti Uomo in Florence, our Surmesur ambassadors showed up in colourful style.

Despite many participants surrendering to the heat, Charles and Peter survived the day’s high temperatures thanks to their smart choices in fabrics, proving not only their good taste, but also their knowledge of suit materials. Indeed, it was over 35 'C and standing in the sun for but a few minutes proved to be uncomfortable. As such, the day was particularly calm compared to previous days, with many participants remaining inside to visit kiosks, rather than going outside to show off their suits.

It would also appear that the Pitti Uomo event is changing - according to major influencers - gradually regaining its original purpose of a fashion and design salon rather than a non-conventional influencer fashion show. That said, this didn’t prevent our Surmesur ambassadors from sharing their love of colour and their passion for style with photographers and other style professionals.

Among the new people that Charles and Peter met was a Congolese Sapeur, who instructed Charles about the style philosophy of his homeland, as well as Natalie, a renowned photographer and regular guest at Pitti Uomo. 

(Photos : Naomi Larocque)