Nugola: your ticket to style paradise


$50 off suits
$30 off jackets
$20 off trousers 

Welcome to the world of linen, a mythical, magical cloth woven from the flax plant. It is one of the first known spun cloths, worn by Egyptian pharaohs and commoners alike.

Linen is an ideal warm-weather fabric as the flax wicks away moisture. Its characteristic texture includes inevitable wrinkles, a feature sometimes misunderstood by the uninitiated. It’s simply what gives the cloth its signature look.

As you peruse the Nugola collection, our collection of the month for May, you will be transported to desert climes where the subtle sand colors would work wonderfully. Or think of sunny beach resorts, where the rich creams or blues in the collection would be your ticket to style paradise. Nugola is a romantic collection that is sure to make summer dreams come true.