Na’eem Adam’s look


 What was going through his mind? Why design a jacket without lapels?

You may not have noticed at first glance, but the founder of Now Parvin Marketing, Birona Hummus Bar and co-founder of Le Burger Week and La Poutine Week is not wearing a traditional garment – and that’s what makes it a true statement of his personal style.


Na’eem definitely has a style of his own. During his visit with Charles at the Montréal store, the new Dad quickly pointed out the most intriguing and sought-after fabrics. He stopped on the Barry collection – flannel wool, the perfect choice for the colder months – and went with a textured burgundy reminiscent of the famous Scottish tweeds.


Thus began the creation of this unique piece in The Studio: a two-button jacket with black and gold buttons and patch pockets. In fact, aside from the interesting choice of (no) lapel and the judicious addition of reverse pleats on the trousers, the choices made by the man behind successful ventures are fairly classic.


We get the sense that he may have been inspired by Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman


… Or maybe designer Olivier Rousteing to make his first in-store creation stand out?


Not at all. He just dared to be different. Since his work allows him a certain freedom, he did not hesitate to explore the many options the Surmesur experience offers. The black shirt with the mao collar and the pocket square complete a look that is at once relaxed and refined.

Thank you, Na’eem for being one of our proud ambassadors in Montréal!