For gentlemen on the cusp of saying I do


First of all, on behalf of myself and the entire Surmesur team, allow me to wish you all the best in this grand adventure.

I have had the pleasure of providing guidance, however modestly, to a fair number of men on a crucial subject that cannot be ignored when it comes to the business of marriage: the wedding suit.



Your idea, our advice

It is very important to speak with your Style Consultant about what you have in mind. A wedding at a beach resort in the Bahamas and a wedding in a barn in the middle of autumn are two entirely different events that require entirely different approaches to planning. Take the time to share photos and to talk about what inspires you and what your ideal wedding would look like. Visit our Pinterest board!

For my part, I don’t believe any man should get married in the same outfit he wears to work. I would never let a gentleman wed without cufflinks, for instance. So much the better if you’ve kept the ones your grandfather wore to his own wedding. These are the details that will set you apart.



An evening just for you

We offer private VIP shopping sessions for you and your groomsmen. Whether there are four or 14 of you, we’ll take everyone’s measurements and, together, create the wedding of your dreams. Order pizza or hire a caterer, choose your playlist - I'm a big Biggie fan - and bring your drinks for an evening to remember.



Fabrics au naturel

I always offer advice based on my own experience, and believe me, I’ve experimented quite a lot over the course of sartorial education. The first and perhaps most important piece of advice is to choose natural fibers – whether it’s a summer linen, a traditional worsted wool or a rustic tweed, depending on your wedding plans and vision. Your suit (in wool or linen) and shirt (in linen or cotton) will always be more comfortable and drape better than if they’re made of synthetic fabrics. Pro tip: order two shirts to prevent a drop of wine from putting a damper on your wedding look! 



Style and grand plans

Thinking of something grandiose for your wedding? Allow me to be of service. I have been a proud Surmesur Style Consultant for two years and I’m never afraid to push the envelope. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest that you get married in a bright orange tuxedo – unless you want to and it looks really, really good on you – but you can always add a touch of pizzazz to make your wedding unique. A three-piece suit or a double-breasted vest might be all it takes.



As for accessories, I prefer to wait for your order to arrive and for you to try it on. It’s easier to envision just the right details to pull the outfit together. Whichever way your tastes take you, the choice of accessories is the icing on the wedding cake.

Having the opportunity to help make a wedding happen is one of the reasons I love my profession. Giving advice and helping you look your best by sharing my knowledge of measurements and style is always the highest honor. Don’t forget to send me your wedding photos!



Proudly bearded since 2013, Charles Desnoyers is a Style Consultant and Measurement Specialist at Surmesur. Here he shares a few of his favorite things, his experience and his top tips to help you always look your best. [email protected]